The Mazzarrini’s olive grove, are extended in the crest of the hill in Rigomagno, and precisely in locality Cavaglioni and Bassolupaio. For their collocation the olive tree found the ideal conditions for high quality extravergine olive oil production.
The olives “Correggiolo, Moraiolo and Leccino”, are picked in early state of maturation, and taken immediately to the oil-press. In this phase, the rapidity is very important because a time that the olive have been detached from the branch, they augment in the acidity, to lose in fragrance.
At the oil-press the olives will crush with a modern installation, where we can control all the working phase: from the olives’ rupture to the temperature of working, to obtain extravergine oil rich of colour, scent, flavour and lowe acidity. The Mazzarrini olive oil is an oil with a special green colour, full, with a flavour fruited, with a fresh vague suspicion of artichoke and big persistent, very low in acidity.

Following forty years experience a the “Frantoio Mazzarrini” we have opened “Le Delizie del Buongustaio”. After much research, quality local produce packed in traditional style is now on sale in the shop. A gastronomic experience for consumers. Here you can find everything from local wines and liqueurs, to salami and cheeses, honey, pasta and jams amongst many other local products.
Olio Extra-vergine di Oliva Frantoio Mazzarrini - Rigomagno, Sinalunga (Siena)